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Bus Operator Career Coaching

Disgruntled operators aren’t born, nor are they hired that way. Most operators resign, lose motivation or become uninterested because they feel like they have no real stake or equity in the company. 

The key to reducing absenteeism and improving production is convincing the drivers they matter

Operations Communication Consulting

In transit, everyone has a different seat on the bus. The planners sit here, the drivers sit there, the board sits there and the management sits there.

When one party attempts to communicate to another the message becomes fuzzy or misunderstood.  It’s fuzzy because we are too far away to hear everything and it’s misunderstood because we all have a different view of the outside based upon where we are sitting.


I simplify these messages and make them clearer for everyone

Townhall & Events

Townhalls can be intimidating. I know, I’ve been a part of many. These events get hostile because the relationship between the public, the operators and the agency is fractured. 

They don’t trust you, period. It doesn’t matter what you say or how you say it because to them your someone in a suit that doesn’t understand their struggle.

I do.

Relatability can create results that words and brochures cannot.

about me

Patrick Parents, Your Operations Liason

The biggest issue in public transportation is that the team isn’t on the same page.

Communication issues have plagued and held transit back for ages, and to this day is still the primary reason some agencies are unable to put out a consistent and reliable transit system.

The planners have one thing in mind, while operators have another, combine this with disconnected management, vendors, and executives and you’ll end up with a sure-fire formula to have a toxic culture.

I’ve been fortunate enough in my career to have been in all of these circles. This has given me the ability to decode and make sense of the different languages and challenges in transit, but more importantly, it’s given me the ability to communicate these and potential solutions to the other members of the team.

“I am committed to helping you build a deep connection with your operators and riders through authentic messaging and heart-centered conversations.

The only way to build culture is to build community, the only way to build community is to build conversation, so let’s talk”


Simple solutions for a complicated insudtry

Straight forward Packages

On Call On Demand

At Your Will

Sometimes simple works, no crazy or complicated retainers. Just book me when you need me and tell me what you need me to do.

You’ll get a calendar link and just book me in hour intervals.

There’s a one-time discovery fee that covers my initial travel to learn your system, meet people and ride your buses. For most systems, this takes about 14 days, for bigger systems upwards it could take up to a month.

While data is great, I like to get out talk to people and shake hands before I start doing anything else. 

Eco-System Creation

6-12 Months

The United States is short 67,000 commercial drivers. This is because boomers are leaving faster than GenX and GenZ is signing up. Not to mention the current operators are unhappy with their career trajectory.


My proven “Supir academy” program helped me recruit over 7000 drivers for my start up in addition to helping me understand how to connect with younger drivers and those who aspire to be.

The transit industry won’t survive unless it has a way to create its own drivers and progress its current ones up the ladder. This package does both

Culture Change

12+ Months

Bad culture is the #1 killer of a transit workforce. Believe it or not, it’s the centralized point for most internal problems.  

For the course of a calendar year, I work alongside transit agencies to take a deep dive into operator and passenger relations, provide comprehensive customized plans media, and solutions. 

This in addition to the programs and products I bring with me such as the eco-system

In order to understand the deep cultural issues within your agency, I become a liaison for the company, working with administration, training, vendors, and management.

If your looking to sustain your transit agency, create happier operators and more suitable transit this package may be the one your looking for.